To spread love and happiness.

That may be a typical thing to say, but for me, Kahlim Choi, that really is what I want to share with all of you. Before I started selling these personalized initial bracelets, I had been selling them in a different style and look, and to family & friends only. They liked the idea of it being personalized and I had one friend (of a friend) who bought 4 from me that loved them so much and thanked me non-stop. She even told me that she was speechless and she could not wait to give those to her friends. I did not think that my design could give so much happiness that even I became speechless and just thanked her back for thanking me so much.

Because of that experience and that feeling, I decided to launch this site to sell these personalized initial bracelets. I also made sure that these are of the greatest quality and only the best materials are used. Hand-making these jewelries is not easy and definitely time-consuming, however, I make sure that what you receive from me is done carefully and beautifully.

I hope you like what you see, and help me in spreading positivity.