My Story – Kahlim Choi

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Okay, so this is my first blog post. I’m not exactly a writer but I would like to let you all know more about myself first. My name is Kahlim Choi, 24 years of age (as I’m writing this) and, current abode in Hong Kong. I’m half Filipino and half Chinese, born in The Philippines.

Before I ventured into designing these jewelries, I had a variety of different jobs. I was a leaflet distributor, and I was, somewhat, a salesman for a telecommunications company. Basically, what I had to do was to convert them from one network to another. Having to go to each individual, one-by-one, and talk to them convincingly enough that the company I work for is better that they ought to convert NOW. Yes, they had to change their sim card and switch from their current provider to the new one (company I worked for) on the spot! There was a lot of hard selling there but I think I did a fine job. In the beginning, without any specific training I had no idea what to do, so my boss (at that time) provided me hands on training in action. And that was the first time I saw greatness in selling. I’m not even kidding, he managed to have 3 people convert happily on the spot. He showed so much enthusiasm and confidence, and that inspired me to work harder, of course. I did this while I was in high school as well as other part-time jobs that I had, including “assisting” my boss’ workmates, such as requesting food delivery for each individual and if they can’t be ordered, then I had to go to the restaurants’ and pick them up myself. Not to mention office work; shredding papers. Although minimal, it was fun, right?

Upon turning 18, I started my first buy-and-sell online business. I did this through Facebook. I sold shoes, hats, bracelets, necklaces and other types of clothing. At first, they were just meant for my friends, but my Facebook shop kinda got out there that they reached friends of friends and even teachers, yup, they were buying from me, too. Well, that made me really happy so I did this until I graduated high school. After graduating, I got a full-time job as a salesperson for a magazine company; selling advertisements and organizing conferences, which included finding sponsors for those conferences. I was doing my buy-and-sell online business along with this job which got to the point that it became difficult to balance. Along making profit as a salesperson comparable to my online business, I felt that it became less sustainable continuing my online business, so I stopped selling and focused on my full time job. Albeit unhappy with this decision, it had to be done.

I worked for that magazine company for a year. Managed to learn some sales skills as well as saved some money. Which is why I decided to head back to school, so I applied at different universities here in Hong Kong, and I got in. Due to all my experiences with my previous jobs and my buy-and-sell business, I decided to start a couple of online businesses using the capital that I have saved from the job. I advocated an online blog/store which focused on start-up clothing lines. I had to write a lot for that blog, and that’s when I realized that writing is not easy, for me at least, which caused me to stop that blog and focus on selling clothes by different brands from that shop as an affiliate. I even experienced wholesaling some branded hats from the US and sold them here in Hong Kong. I kept going by applying for an online course on day trading stocks hoping to master it, and although it isn’t easy, I’ll get there.

By now you may have realized that I stopped many of the things I started previously half-way because, I realized my drive to do them is only because of money. It didn’t feel completely fulfilling and it didn’t feel that I was having any impact on people. But now, here I am; envisioning my designs on plenty of individual’s wrists and, at the same time, seeing the happiness illuminate their faces before and during wearing these designs because of what it means to them or because of who gave it to them.

I have explained a little bit in the Story section about the buoyant experience I had with a customer that was so ecstatic after receiving the bracelets that she couldn’t wait to give the personalized initial bracelets she ordered to her friends. Her face lit up as well as she was speechless receiving them. She thanked me so much that it made me astounded so all I could do was thank her back, a lot. I feel that these designs create tremendous impact so all I want and wish to see is for it to continually spread and bring joy to more and more people.

There it is, a story about my life.
What do you think? Did you relate to any of them? Let me know in the comment section! I would love to talk to each of you. 😊